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Loyd and Monique Wellesley
Loyd & Monique Wellesley

Mission Statement

To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity!
—Donald A. Adams

“Their mission statement and mantra is to ‘exceed all expectations’. And they do.”
—Jessica Skropanic,
Worldwide Spa Review Magazine

Formed in Dallas, Texas in 1994, Body-n-Balance has become a household word in many parts of the world. Loyd Wellesley started the company after a very successful career in marketing and executive management in Dallas. His experience in medical massage led him into teaching advanced classes for experienced therapists. He and his wife Monique brought a new sense of customer service to the business, which clients continue to enjoy. She not only is a licensed massage therapist but she also graduated with honors and a degree from Texas A&M University in Communication and Counseling.

Entrepreneur by Heart
Loyd describes Monique as an entrepreneur by heart and she knows what customers are looking for. Quality at a fair price is offered even in their advertising. Monique states that we do not offer a one-hour massage. We offer a 65-minute table time rate. “We do not start the clock, so to speak, until we actually start a session.” We do business a little differently. Everyone wants value in today's market and Body-n-Balance offers that and more.

Marketing by Movement
In a hotel environment, Monique has a rather unique way to aid the guests, as well as the hotel. She has a term for it: Marketing by Movement, allowing therapists to walk, greet, and offer directions to the hotel guests, showing them where certain convention rooms, banquet rooms, rest rooms, taxi locations, restaurants, etc. can be found easily. Menus are available immediately with highlights of the day's special prices. Marketing by Movement allows the guests to see our neatly pressed uniforms and our professional appearance. Certainly we gain business for our spa this way, but even more than that, it indicates that our hotel is interested in making the very best impression to all of our visitors, and we do.

Doing Something Credible
“We must be doing something credible,” states Loyd. “We have had the great fortune to have been reviewed by the Worldwide Spa Review Magazine on two different occasions and at two different hotel locations. The publication normally reviews or critiques the really large hotel spas across the globe. We feel blessed to have the magazine visit our locations here in Texas.”

Dogs, Cats, and People
Loyd and Monique have served on the boards of PALS & Spay SA. They rescue, trap and neuter feral cats across the city in an effort to prevent breeding & suffering of these animals. They also provide funding for a network of animal foster parents to cover food and medical expenses.
A portion of our proceeds is allotted each month for animals in need of homes and medical attention.

"Good Life" Pet Sitting—is a sister company that offers "turn key" Pet Care in your home or at our location in San Antonio, Texas. Please click on the link below to learn more about these services which includes Feeding, Watering, Walking, as well as Massage!
Various Rates Apply.

Good Life Pet Sitting.
Call for more info: (361) 215-8911



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